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Power Automate Create Multiple Sites in SharePoint Online from Excel

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We developed a Power Automate Scheduled Cloud flow, which will run daily [at a specific time], and create the SharePoint sites below from an Excel.

  1. Communication site
  2. Office 365 Group connected Team site
  3. Office 365 not Group connected Team site

We have an Excel Spreadsheet [Site Request] that contains all the columns below:

  • Title
  • Site Owner
  • Site Type
  • Alias
  • Site URL
  • Site Description
  • Site Member
  • Max Storage
  • Max Storage Warning Limit

When a user requestor wants to create bulk SharePoint Online sites, he/she will request or enter all the site details [Title, SiteOwner, Site Type, etc.] in the Excel sheet.

Every day, when flow runs at a particular time, it retrieves all the data from Excel.

Then, the flow will check the requestor Site Type, and if the Site URL is equal to Blank, it will check the storage limit field.

If the Storage limit is greater than 50 GB, then it will send an approval request to the SharePoint Administrator.

Otherwise, it will create the specific SharePoint Site, Add Members, and Set the Storage limit [based on the user's request].

If the SharePoint Administrator approves the Storage limit, we will create a SharePoint site, set the Storage limit, and add members to it. Otherwise, the requester will get a reject notification that "Your Site(s) request has been rejected."

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Power Automate Create Multiple Sites in SharePoint Online from Excel

0 ratings
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