Expense Reimbursement and Approval using Power Automate

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We developed an Automated cloud flow, where users will request expense reimbursement, by filling out the Microsoft form. This Microsoft form contains the below columns

  • Full name (Text)
  • Employee Id (Text)
  • Organizational email (Text)
  • Department (Choice)
  • Expense Date (Date)
  • Expense Category (Choice)
  • Type of payment (Choice)
  • Amount of reimbursement (Number)
  • Description (Text)
  • Reciept (Upload file)

Once the flow is initiated, it will submit the response and attachment to the SharePoint list. Which contains the below columns:

  • Title (Employee Id) - Single line of text
  • Full name - Single line of text
  • Department - Choice
  • Expense Date - Date/time
  • Expense category - Choice
  • Payment mode - Choice
  • Amount requested - Currency
  • Description - Multiple lines of text
  • Attachments - Attachments
  • Status - Choice

Then the manager gets a request for approval. If the manager will approved it will go to the finance team else the rejected email go to the requestor/employee.

If the manager approved and requests reimbursement go to the Finance team. They will get an email, and the reimbursement is added to the Planner as a task for the finance team.

Based on the Progress status of the task in the planner, we will update the status of items in the SharePoint list, also we will send an email to the requestor for updating about the request.

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Download the Power Automate flow solution to create an Expense Reimbursement approval process from a Microsoft form.

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Expense Reimbursement and Approval using Power Automate

0 ratings
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