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Create SharePoint Online Site Automatically Using Power Automate

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We have created a flow using Power Automate, where users can request a SharePoint site by filling out a form. Users will fill out a SharePoint list form by adding the below details:

  • Site Title (Single line of text)
  • Site Owner (Person)
  • Alias (Single line of text)
  • Site URL (Hyperlink)
  • Site description (Multi-line of text)
  • Site member (Person)
  • Max Storage (Number)
  • Max storage warning limit (Number)

Once the request is received, the first thing the flow will check is the site storage, if a user requested more than 50GB of storage, then it will go for approval to a concerned approver.

Else it will create a SharePoint site and send an email to the Site Owners with the Site Details.

Currently, the flow supports 3 types of sites:

  • SharePoint Online communication site
  • SharePoint Online Team site (Office 365/Microsoft 365 Group connected)
  • SharePoint Online Team site (Without Office 365/Microsoft 365 Group connected)

Download the flow and try it out by yourself.

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Download Power Automate Flow Solution to create SharePoint Online site automatically


Create SharePoint Online Site Automatically Using Power Automate

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